Career in Mass Communication & Journalism

Mass communication is the way of spreading the information to the public and a large of the audience with the several means of communication. Journalism is one of the activity to write the latest information and developments for newspapers and magazines etc. It has also applied to the radio and television around the world. In this modern era, everyone connected through the various web or online communication process. There are several latest news, developments spreading via radio and television like cricket score, match schedule, climate news and many others updates, the public can get all the news and updates easily with various electronic equipment. With the help of latest technologies and mass media all the updated information and news to reach the public end. Mass communication is dispersing the information a huge number of people across the world. Mass communication is the activity of dispersing various types of news and Journalism is concerned with the collection of several types of news through the print media and electronic media. It involves several types of work such as reporting, photographing, cable casting, edition, writing, broadcasting news. The journalism includes in analyzing, reporting local and international events, investigation, trends and latest information and many more. In India, many colleges offer a BA in journalism, B.Sc in Journalism and Mass Communication. To become a journalist, you can complete a Bachelor degree in mass communication, journalism, mass media after 10+2. When complete the related degree the one cam complete a Master in Journalism or mass communication. If you want to get the better understanding of several communication fields like research techniques and deep knowledge of several fields related to communication, then Master degree is required. Few important skills and qualities to become a journalist: 1. Inquisitive nature 2. Investigative mind and search 3. Good communication skills 4. Good command over languages 5. Enthusiast 6. Confident 7. Patient

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